Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year's haul: 404.5.

Completely Random Observations:

  • Kids took home four "Take Fives," their fave.
  • Aubrie likes the original Almond Joy wrapper better. (Yes, this was what she told me to write when I asked for her observation.)
  • I've never seen so many golf carts zooming around. Ginger and I thought: "Rex Eckert would love living here"
  • Looking back at Homewood trick or treating, there was an absence of Smarties, Dots and Charleston Chews. #1 candy in 2012 was Suckers. #1 candy in 2015 was Twix. You know where the kids liked getting their treats! 

Cute pic of them with their stacks of candy forthcoming.

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